This is how you hitch on the prairies, homo.

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This, my friend, is an adventure blog. How fortunate of you to have stumbled upon the wondrous tales rapidly unfolding in these digitalized chapters of our lives! This all began quite inconspicuously with the country-wide wanderings of Chris and Em. Many titillating turns of fate transpired during those fated sweltering summer months. Indeed, they were quite fabulous.

As many of us have learned, however, life is unsympathetic to idle whims, and eventually all good things must come abruptly to an end. Another truth - it is often only with the soft death of one inspiring epoch, that another can begin - and lucky for our heros, it is just that which has occurred.

Join us on roommate-type adventures in the eccentrically feral, unthinkably capitalist, hipster infested, Ford polluted, breathtakingly queer jungle city we now call home - Toronto! Basically, check out what we’re up to, yo.

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